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SKBS designed and manufactured products, have been widely used in national electric power, petroleum, fertilizer, metallurgy, glass companies. Some of customers include:

1, Huaneng Power International, Shijiazhuang on plant safety

2, Anyang, Henan power plant

3, Beijing Dragon Power Co., Ltd.

4, Power Plant, Hebei New Oriental music

5, Beijing First Thermal Power Plant

6, Iran taka keno power plant

7, Moscow, Russia First Thermal Power Plant

8, St. Petersburg, Russia, the second power plant

9, 俄羅斯庫克涅 Scott Power Plant

10, Russia Kang cards suck up Lala Power Plant

11, Wuke just Rankine power plant

12, Macedonia Karma Tower Thermal Plant

13, the country can be a single county biological plant

14, Sheyang National Bio Energy Co., Ltd.

15, Shing National Bio Energy Co., Ltd.

16, Granville County National Bio Energy Co., Ltd.

17, Ken National Bio Energy Co., Ltd.

18, Gaotang National Bio Energy Co., Ltd.

19, Wudi National Bio Energy Co., Ltd.

20, Junxian National Bio Energy Co., Ltd.

21, Luyi National Bio Energy Co., Ltd.

22, wangkui National Bio Energy Co., Ltd.

23, Meihekou seamounts Paper Co., Ltd.

24, Henan Yanhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

25, Liaoyuan National Bio Energy Co., Ltd.

26, Liaoning Liaohe Fertilizer Plant

27, China - Arabian Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

28, Hengde Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Guangxi Liuzhou

29, Chongqing Fuling Chemical Co., Ltd.

30, Macedonia Karma Tower Chemical Plant

31, Zhongyuan Petrochemical Refinery Plant

32, Paul Master Co., Ltd.

33, Chemical Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hong Son?

34, Jinzhou, Hebei Zhicheng Pesticide Co., Ltd.

35, Sands Industrial Co., Ltd. Tangshan

36, Qinhuangdao Haitao cremation Machinery Factory

37, Botou Zhen Xin Dust Equipment Co., Ltd.

38, Xinjiang Zetian Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

39, Beijing Research Institute of Metallurgy, Mining

40, Beijing Pulte Co., Ltd.

41, Xi'an Nuclear Equipment Co., Ltd.?

42, Tohoku Electric Power University

43, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences

44, Handan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Automation

45, Zhejiang Huaxin install insulation corrosion Engineering Co., Ltd.

46, Jiang Yin Longding Decorative Material Co., Ltd.

47, China Clean Energy Research Institute of material science and technology students

48, Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Harbin Shi

49, Joy Global (Tianjin) Mining Equipment Co., Ltd.

50, Daqing Qing New Pump

51, Modern Petroleum Technology and Trade Co., Ltd. Langfang Development Zone

52 and Beijing Chang Yu-heng Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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