SKBS-RD series boiler oil gun, direct-fired pulverized coal burner
SKBS-RDA-type guns and industrial fuel oil system
SKBS-RDB-type gas burner
SKBS-RDC-based oil and gas joint burner
SKBS-RDZ coal direct-fired burner
SKBS-GH boiler ash shock wave device
SKBS-ZDH heavy high-energy ignition SKBS-YJ CWS nozzle

SKBS-T series of ceramic kiln burner can work efficiently
SKBS-TA series of high-speed diesel burner
SKBS-TB series of high-speed gas burners
SKBS-TC family of low-speed diesel burner
SKBS-TD series of heavy residual oil burner
SKBS-TE series of high-speed burner thermostat


SKBS-SH Series burner
SKBS-SHA series oil burner performance
SKBS-SHA-Ⅰ Single gun oil the bottom of the burner selection
SKBS-SHA-Ⅱ single gun oil at the top of the burner selection
SKBS-SHB series gas burner performance
SKBS-SHB-Ⅰ Single gun oil the bottom of the burner selection
SKBS-SHB-Ⅱ single gun oil at the top of the burner selection
SKBS-SHB-Ⅲ single shot gas burner selection of mural
SKBS-SHC Series products of fuel combustion performance gas-fired combined
SKBS-SHC-Ⅰ bottom of the burner fuel gas-fired combined selection
SKBS-SHC-Ⅱ joint top of the fuel gas burner selection
SKBS-SHC-Ⅲ fuel gas-fired combined Blower burner selection
SKBS-ZDH heavy high-energy ignition
3D预测汇总 SKBS-GH boiler ash shock wave device

SKBS-YJA Series adjustable fuel burner flame
SKBS-YJ series of metallurgical industry furnace burners
SKBS-YJC series of joint oil and gas burner
SKBS-YJD series of high-speed burner oven thermostat
SKBS-YJE series of flat flame burner
SKBS high efficiency and low NOx regenerative burner
SKBS-GH boiler
SKBS-ZDH heavy ash and high-energy shock wave device firearms roasted point device package

BEIJING SHENKEBOSI THERMAL ENERGY ENGINEERING CO., LTD. carefully developed and produced SKBS series of energy-efficient burner, the company's leading products: include the international advanced combustion technology, the company innovation, developed the world's most advanced burner. Is the rotation of air bubbles, movement, deformation, acceleration, etc. until the whole process of export blasting to achieve atomization and excellent atomization. Entrainment of air bubbles ejected rotating combustion air, thereby speeding up the mix with combustion air. Stability, and enhanced combustion. Is a new combustion technology. Is the company expert, research professor of the crystallization of life.
1, Can burn heavy oil, light oil, tar, residual oil, water, coal will, bitumen, naphtha and other liquid fuels.
2, Aerosol particles are small (SMD <40um)
3, The fuel largely unaffected by the viscosity effect, viscosity use of <70 ° E, just heavy residual oil to over 80 ℃, can flow to
4, The atomization mechanism of different, unique innovative nozzle design is reasonable, and therefore difficult to plug the nozzle, coke.
5,By the principle of different atomization gas consumption less.
6 ,Flame length, flame-shaped flame cone angle and user requirements can be designed.
7, Flame, strong rigidity, high speed flame jet.
8 burner can achieve weight residual oil, Orimulsion cold furnace direct ignition combustion.
9,Flow amplitude to 1:7 or more. Complete combustion, the combustion efficiency of 99.7%, burning heavy residual oil, the average saving rate of more than 10%, the combustion of diesel, the average saving rate of 6% (relative to the old burner).
10,Excess air coefficient. The use of the steel furnace, the excess air ratio in the 1.02 to 1.05, still to achieve complete combustion, burning steel oxidation by 30% or more.
11. To extend the life of the burner brick, brick burner, some can be removed, because this type of burner can burn to achieve stable combustion suspension.
12. Saving rate was significantly higher than similar products.

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