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Product Name: Bubble Atomized Oil Gun
Injection flow: fuel injection quantity can be designed according to user’s requirements (2kg-7000kg / h)
The product, using a new spray technology - effervescent atomization technology and "two-phase flow" theory of fluid mechanics, injects the low-pressure atomizing medium (steam or compressed air) into the low pressure oil, and makes a gas-oil mixture in hybrid cavity, in which the mixture forms a specific flow pattern: bubbly flow. In the exit, the movement and deformation of the bubble make pressure difference between the inside and outside of its surface, which makes the bubble split up so as to spray the bubble. Bubble Atomized Oil Gun is designed for diesel, heavy oil, residual oil, and orimulsion, mixed oil, tar, bitumen oil, coal tar, waste oil and so on. Its energy consumption is small. Its atomized particle size (usually up to about 50μm) is small and the size distribution of the spray is appropriate. Its distribution index is above 2(N> 2). Because of its special structure, the size and quantity of its oil hole and stomata are big which can prevent it from appearing coke, block, cold furnace and black smoke emission. It is rather practicable for high viscosity oil such as heavy oil, residual oil and so on. The ignition can be well realized directly by using high-energy ignition device (70J) produced by our company.
1: Good atomization effect, complete combustion, light flame, nice flame rigidity and there is no black smoke emission during ignition in cold furnace;
2: Fine spray particle size, SMD ≤ 35μm, well size distribution, distribution of index: N> 2;
3: No splashing of oil, no oil dripping, no leakage, easy to ignite, never wave off;
4: No coking and clogging, easy operation and maintenance;
5: Compared with other types of oil gun, the combustion temperature of our product is higher than100 ℃ (under the same output);
6: Combustion degree is basically free of the effect of the fuel viscosity, and the viscosity range is large: 70E (the fuel has liquidity);
7: Good rigid flame, high-speed jet;
The product is used for diesel, heavy oil, residual oil, Orimulsion, mixed oil, tar, asphalt oil, coal tar, waste oil and other liquid fuels. Bubble Atomized Oil Gun has solved many problems such as the high viscosity of fuel, atomization difficulties, incomplete combustion, high energy consumption and the production of large amounts of pollutants and other issues.


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