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Low Heat Value Gas Burner is our hot sell product, which is developed based on the market in recent years, it is used to burn industrial exhaust (e.g. producer gas, phosphorus chemical gas, refinery gas, exhaust in acetylene factory etc.). The series of burners are designed based on the solid and liquid impurities and corrosive substances in exhaust. Burner can be controlled automatically.
low calorific value gas is the main combustion fuel of the product (Low Heat Value Gas Burner), such as blast furnace gas, converter gas, exhaust, cracking gas and other kinds of gas, etc; ignition fuel is light diesel or lower heating value flammable gas. The burner can realize right ratio of heat requirement and fuel quantity, the fuel quantity and the amount of combustion air, so that combustion is more stable. The special structure of the burner leads high jet velocity flame and good flame rigid, and resistant to winds of up to 40m / s. The burner can overcome shortcomings such as coking, blockage and instability of flame which was caused by gas containing tar, impurities, liquid hydrocarbon and so on; superior swirl performance and reasonable air distribution devices can overcome the backfire state and flame-out phenomenon. The burner is running and monitoring with automatic control, safety interlock and automatic protection.
Due to the use of sub-classification for the fuel and air distribution methods, Low Heat Value Gas Burner (low NOx type) can make the maximum possible reduction of NOx in the burning process.
Low Heat Value Gas Burner makes use of two-stage ignition. The combustion fuel is directly lit by high-energy ignition device and then it ignites the main fuel to ensure the safety and reliability. Burners equipped with flame monitoring device can reflect and deal with the flame signal of furnace chamber, so as to ensure the safety of combustion. Low Heat Value Gas Burner has many advantages, such as combustion stability, high adjustment ratio, low noise, good flame spreadability, complete combustion, easy to control and so on. The burner combustion efficiency is above 98%, which is ideally economic and environment-friendly combustion equipment.

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