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BEIJING SHENKEBOSI THERMAL ENERGY ENGINEERING CO., LTD. is a specialized industrial energy efficient burners, oil guns, high-energy ignition, shock soot blowers, condensate collector, masonry kiln, furnace automatic control of production. We are looking for honest agents with the world range.
Recruitments of the Company are as follows:
1: Sales Engineer:6 persons
2: kiln designer: 2 persons
3 part-time salesman for the National Recruitment
Requires more personnel in the furnace, kiln professional, electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy has sales relationships. Please send personal information to:
E-mail: skbswhc@163.com
Tel :010 -815 330 333
Fax :010 -81541374
Mobile: (0) 13901370274
Contact: Hongchuan Wang
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Tel:0086-010-61507656 Fax:0086-010-61507696 Mobile:86+(0)13901370274
Email:skbswhc@163.com Web:http://haarmon.com     京ICP備07042596號