High Energy Igniter consists of: SKBS series high-energy ignition cabinet, SKBS series high power semiconductor discharge mouth, SKBS series consist of high-voltage hand level set and SKBS high-voltage cable. The product is mainly used to ignite gas and fuel in such fields as electric power, petroleum, chemical and other industries. It has many advantages: high energy, long working hours, no environmental pollution and so on.
Because of its small size, high ignition energy and low ignition voltage, High Energy Igniter is of low-voltage ignition system. The prominent characteristic of the series is the using security. It is also suitable for auto-ignition which is used in gas burner. This series of products have obtained patent in china
1: SKBS-40 high-energy igniter is use to light diesel, heavy oil, various kinds of gas, and torch.
2: SKBS-70 high-energy igniter is used to light heavy oil of low quality and diesel of low quality
3: Source voltage: 220V.AC;
4: The spark energy: 40J,70J
5: Spark frequency: 20 times / sec;
6: Dimensions: KBS-40: 380 × 340 × 175 mm
7: Ignition hand level: the front-end material is made by high temperature alloy, which can stand up to temperature 1300 ℃
8: Ignition hand level diameter: 18mm
9: High voltage ignition cable: the length can be manufactured according to user's requirements, which can be up to 800 meters.
10: High-energy igniter device can be adapted to various situations.


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