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The advanced technology of premix and semi premix of gas and air improves combustion efficiency and increases strength and stability of the flame. To enhance the burning of low calorific value gas, the technology of recirculation zone classification combustion is utilized. The optimized burner structure and the flexible design of the flame shape in brazier can make such shape of flame as column, upright and flat shape, which can guarantee the uniformity of furnace temperature. The design fire shape and flame length can be custom-made. Reliable muffler measure makes the noise meet the environmental requirements. This type of gas burner has good operating flexibility, and it can burn such kinds of gas as the natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, and gas with high content of hydrogen and hydrogen-methane. The type of burner can guarantee combustion stability, no flameout state, no tempering, safety and reliability.
A: Complete combustion, nice combustion efficiency, energy saving significantly.
B: The burner can achieve high-intense combustion, and the volume thermal intensity?? can reach 1.2 × 104Kcal/m3 ? s.
C: The type of burner can be designed as high velocity burner and normal velocity burner.
D: High velocity burner has such advantages as high jet velocity, no noise, no tempering, and no flameout state.
E: The range of temperature is less than ±5℃ within 5 meters
F: There are no instability, coke, and clogging phenomenon which are usually caused by gas containing tar, impurities, liquid hydrocarbon.
G: Flame length, flame cone angle and the flame shape can be customized.
H: The type of burner can burn liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, coke oven gas,?? converter gas, producer gas and mixed gas. You just need simply replace the nozzle core when burning different gas.
I: The burner has such advantages as complete combustion, no smoke, and fewer pollutants in the combustion products, which is below the indexes in the State Environmental Protection Agency.
J: Based on the customer’s demand, the gas burner can be installed with automatic igniter, flame monitoring system, combustion control system, furnace temperature controlling system and other automation products. The performance items have reached international advanced level.
K: Flame shape can be designed according to user’s requirements.
L: Strong applicability, suitable for abroad variety of combustion industries.
M: Our Company specializes in designing and manufacturing non-standard burners according to user requirements

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