Large flow or shaped burner can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements
1: The flame length, flame cone angle can be customized based on user requirements,
2: According to user’s requirements, our Company can design different kinds of burners such as low-speed burner (<60m/s), sub-high-speed burner, and high speed burner (>170m/s), and super speed burner (>380m/s)
3: The Company designed and manufactured different kinds of non-standard burners according to user’s requirements
4: Special, and large flow burner can be designed according to user requirements, high air temperature burner is of shaped burner
5: The well-developed energy-efficient oil burner our company produced has such advantages as high combustion efficiency, 100% of success ignition, full and stable combustion, good combustion reliability, large proportion of combustion, good flame rigid. What’s more, the burners are made of heat-resistant steel.
6: Oil and gas dual burner is practical for the current foreign conditions. The burner can burn gas singly and oil singly. It can also burn oil and gas together. When burning oil, the oil can be light oil or heavy oil. At present, many domestic clients use this kind of product. Welcome for the manufacturers, distributors to inquire.
7: Burners can realize easy maintenance and the gas burner nozzle has self-purification ability, which can realize no maintenance at usual time
8: The proportion of burner load regulation is 1:10. The burner can burn in the oven under low load
9: The burner can realize full combustion, stable combustion, no coke, no black smoke, and rather low Ringelmann black level(=0). And the exhaust gas containing is low, which can fully meet the standard made by our country.?
10: For safety, the burner is equipped with a combustible gas alarm system. When the burner has incomplete combustion due to various reasons, the system will audibly alarms and cuts off the fuel valve;
11: If there is leakage on the valves, the system will cut the valve and alarm wit sound and light.
12: The combustion system equipped with an advanced “infrared fire detector” and “UV flame detector”. When the flame in the furnace is down, the system will automatically sound the alarm, and cut off the fuel valve;
13: When burning the natural gas, the system automatically will verify the burner to identify whether it has leak phenomenon. when the gas valve leaks, the system will give report that the combustible gas is leaking
14: The on-site dust are taken into account when using the series of valves and all the valves meet IP55;
15: The control cabinets produced by our company can resist fire, dust, rain, and corrosion. the control cabinets are designed with double doors;
16: All electrical components in our products are Schneider products, and PLC are Siemens;
17: The system is equipped with a combustible gas tube flame arrester to prevent natural gas pipeline explosion caused by the furnace malfunction;
18: The system is equipped with advanced high-energy ignition and a single spark energy is 70 joules which can ignite heavy oil straightly.
19: Advanced oil and gas co-firing burner can realize the combustion of a variety of liquid fuel and different kinds of gas such as coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas, and natural gas.
3D预测汇总 20: Advanced oil and gas co-firing burner absorbed SKBS fuel burners and gas burners


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